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BlackBerry Smartphone Security. Garrett Clark

Tylenol Commercial, Director's Cut

Director: Janek Lowe

Garrett Clark in national Tylenol Commercial

Honda Commercial

Life in the Porn Industry

Boston Pizza Commercial

The weird rules of a Flin Flon High School. Rollin X on CBC

CBC's Rollin X. What an athlete. Winnipeg, 2004

CBC's Rollin X. Garrett goes in a flight sim at Flying Colors in Winnipeg.. 2004

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The power of editing! A scene plays out in the style of a Drama, and then is repeated but in the style of a comedy. A must see for film students.
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Just another Sunday in the life of Jamie, Rob, Garrett and Stuart

What is it like to be a stand up comedian? Well, you're definitely not funny ALL the time. Or are you? Our commercial isn't out yet! Will post when it is! Do you like my new loofa?? I do! Check it out here: Follow Garrett!
Much Temp Commercial with Garrett Clark and Rick the Temp